About DixPEx

DixPex Solution

Under the guidance of our CEO S.K Dilrukshan Rathnawardhana who was rewarded with Hikkvision certified security associate we claim for 10 years of success. Consisted of a dedicated and professional team we strive hard in extending customers high quality software solutions. At an affordable price, the customers are guaranteed to get best possible products that will assist them with their day today work. Fusing creativity and intelligence we always try for novel products that will be effective for our customers in all the ways. Our main branch is situated in Ward City, Gampaha. So you can visit us easily and purchase our products with broad understanding of our quality products.


Keeping the clients' faith in fact and providing them with the best service. For further comfort of the customers we plan to produce all our products within a one place.


To become one of the leading software solution providers island wide.

Chairman's message

With The increasing development of technology, the world of ICT demands expertise software solutions. Consistently guiding the customers through the correct path, introducing them to the high quality software solutions is essential in today's world. So we are bound as a team to introduce our valuable customers to products that are sustainable and high quality. Our key principle is to provide nature and user friendly products that will minimize the rising environmental and economic issues which are faced in the every nook and corner of the country.


Our decade long history has gifted us with clients that are more like pillars of our today's success. Their constant faith in us and their comments on our services and products had taken us this much far in the field of technology. Because of them we strive to develop day by day in order to pressure their faith and dedication towards us.


We extend high quality software solutions that are most accurate to the developing world. With a dedicated staff our services are always aimed to please the customers and their needs up to the fullest.